League of Legends K/DA 2020 Skins Teased

K/DA Kai'Sa is one of four K/DA pop group members.
K/DA Kai'Sa is one of four K/DA pop group members. / Photo by Riot Games

League of Legends K/DA 2020 skins were teased on the official pop group's twitter Sunday.

The first look at the 2020 K/DA League of Legends skins show champions Ahri and Evelynn debuting stylish new outfits, leaving fans curious about what the other group members outfits entail. Check it out for yourself below.

K/DA Ahri Skin?

The K/DA 2020 skin line comprises the latest music skins to join League of Legends since their initial debut back in 2018. The skins are based off of the K/DA virtual K-pop group consisting of four members. While Ahri and Evelynn skins have been teased, fans are awaiting the reveal of the other two K/DA pop members Kai'Sa and Akali.

K/DA Evelynn Skin?

Music skins populate the K/DA, DJ, Pentakill and True Damage League of Legends skin lines and feature unique in-game visual and audio effects. Stay tuned for the official youtube premiere on Aug. 27 to see these upcoming skins in their full fledged glory.