League of Legends Level Borders 2021 Explained

Borders have come a long way since season 2.
Borders have come a long way since season 2. / Courtesy of Reddit.

League of Legends players got to display how much they had played the game with new "level border" levels. Each player had a different border depending on how high their level was. Given that the game has been around for many years, the designs were not always what they are right now.

First off, the feature has gone through different iterations. During season 2, it appears as though the borders were based on the player's rank and the skin that their character had. Skins such as Pulsefire Ezreal (and later DJ Sona, Elemental Lux, and many others) affected the appearance of a profile icon. Season 3 saw the level borders become more detailed, as did season 4. It was not until around three years ago with the release of the many different borders based on the player's levels that levels would have drastically different frames.

Players were quick to notice that these borders had a theme. Some themes were based off of the lore of Runeterra, while others resembled skin bundles like the Lunar Revel. Levels 30-49 resemble structures from Zaun, 50-74 have the hextech color scheme reminiscent of Piltover, 75-99 is similar to Demacia's pale palette, the Freljord is clearly seen in levels 225-249 with the border looking like ice, and the list goes on.

As intriguing as the stories behind the levels may be, multiple players have requested Riot Games to place the option of choosing which border to have. This petition goes far back many years, but has come up more recently with just how different each border is. If someone likes the Freljord frame, should they stop playing the game in order to not earn experience and still have the border they like?

Riot Games seems to have been focusing in the release of the League of Legends: Wild Rift game this year, but their forums remain accessible and they have made changes based on player feedback in the past. Hopefully, they allow players to customize the borders of their profiles as a customizable feature.