League of Legends Level Borders: New Designs Detailed

Image courtesy of Riot Games.

Gamers are wondering what the new League of Legends level border designs look like.

Other than rank borders, players get borders depending on their in-game level. Interestingly enough, Riot Games is modifying the level border designs for the first time since its release four years ago. It appears to be an upgrade along with the League client's revamp to make the game more modern.

With that in mind, here's everything you need to know about the new level border designs.

League of Legends Level Borders: New Designs Detailed

Courtesy of SkinSpotlights and Mooncake Phel, the updated borders can be seen in the tweet above.

From the looks of it, the new level border designs appear to be a lot cleaner and more detailed. While the previous versions looked a lot more cluttered, these new ones appear to be minimalistic and appealing.

Most of the updated borders appear to have small modifications that maintain the theme and structure of the previous designs. Meanwhile, others have significantly changed. Most notably, the level 125 border's emerald green has transformed into a dark red-purple color scheme.

With the new level border designs, the League of Legends community seems split on whether or not they like the upgrades. From the reactions, the vast majority seem to have a problem with the level 500 border, as fans feel that it is a major downgrade.

Overall, it looks like League of Legends is making lots of changes to its in-game functions and designs.