League of Legends Mythic Shop Schedule 2023

Riot Games

In order to replace Gemstones and Prestige Points, Riot Games opted to create the Mythic Shop which debuted during Patch 12.6 in early 2022. With the store's arrival, all Gemstones were converted into Mythic Essence. All of the items within the Mythic Store consists of Mythic and Prestige content, which is available on a rotating basis.

Skins are highly sought after in League of Legends, as new skin releases are usually praised throughout the community. With the shop having a set rotation for possible items, it is easy to get lost and miss out on a skin you could have wanted.

Here is the typical schedule for item rotations within the Mythic Shop.

League of Legends Mythic Shop Schedule 2023

Once a year Riot releases a skin theme and ward skin, and the theme for 2022 was Ashen Knights.

Every six patches, Riot will rotate out the previously available Mythic and Hextech skins with different ones. Therefore, roughly every three months there will be new Mythic and Hextech skins for players to buy. It is imperative for players to keep up with how long a skin has been in the shop, as it won't return for some time after it rotates out.

There will be two previously released Prestige skins that find their way into the Mythic shop monthly, but they will be replaced by two others after that time period ends.

There is also a new Prestige skin that will debut in the Mythic Shop randomly throughout the year, only staying in the shop for about a month before rotating out.

With the numerous rotations that occur throughout the year, it is important to check on the Mythic Shop regularly and see when content will be replaced.