League of Legends New Items System Announced for Preseason 2021: First Look

Our first look at the new items system in League of Legends.
Our first look at the new items system in League of Legends. / Photo by Riot Games

League of Legends new items system is coming for Preseason 2021. A leaked look at the Fimbulwinter item gives our first look at what we can expect in the new system.

In article by Lead Gameplay Designer Mark "Scruff" Yetter, Riot Games will be focusing on reworking and overhauling the items system. The items system as we have now is overly complicated and unintuitive, something Riot games will be addressing in the coming Preseason. Rather than introduce a new mechanic, Riot Games will "invest in League’s future by building up and refining one of League's foundational gameplay systems."

League of Legends Fimbulwinter Leaked

Our first look at the coming changes is the Fimbulwinter item. Fimbulwinter is a Wild Rift exclusive item, but the icon appears in the announcement article for the items overhaul. Wild Rift isn't meant to be a console port, but a separate experience. We most likely won't see a cross-platform consolidation of mechanics, but this could mean that PC League will use elements from the Wild Rift item system as part of the major rework.

In the same leak, Harmonic Echo was also found. Players are speculating which Champions will do best with these new items. Tanks will surely benefit greatly from Fimbulwinter, and Sona mains are already excited to get their hands on Harmonic Echo.