League of Legends Nilah Release Date

Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Nilah, The Joy Unbound, has been teased for several weeks before her official trailer was released on June 17. Her trailer shows her dashing about the Rift with the assistance of a water demon, who gives her the power to perform her abilities. When can players expect to play as Nilah in League of Legends?

League of Legends Nilah Release Date

No official release date has been given for Nilah. It is also unknown when she will be coming to the PBE. Her release to the PBE could be as early as Wednesday, June 22, but Riot has given no official comment to confirm this. If she does enter the PBE on Wednesday, it is likely she will release officially on July 13, when Patch 12.13 drops.

It is predicted that Nilah will be the first (official) melee ADC to join the League of Legends roster. Her trailer shows off some of her gameplay, which seems to be centered around her water whip. Her abilities seem to include a dash, an ability that allows her to block crowd control and projectiles, and another that pulls in enemies around her.

To know the exacts of her kit, we will have to wait until she is available to play.