League of Legends Ornn Skin in Developer Update

League of Legends New Ornn Skin
League of Legends New Ornn Skin / Image via Riot Games

League of Legends new Ornn skin has been recently announced by Riot Games. In a recent developer update with Riot Safelocked, Riot Games announced a brand new Ornn skin will be hitting live servers in the recent future.

Ornn was mentioned among a host of other champions who have been lacking cosmetic content for some time that Riot Games wanted to bring skins to in 2020.

League of Legends New Ornn Skin: What Do We Know?

The brand new Ornn skin does not have a name, though it looks similar to the Elderwood skins already in game. Specifically, it has the same artistic style as Elderwood Bard, and it would not be surprising if the skins end up being in the same line.

Elderwood Bard
Elderwood Bard / Image via Riot Games

Ornn has not received any skins since Thunder Lord Ornn which released along with the champion. The new skin will be a welcomed addition to a champion that sees a fair amount of play and is one of the premier tank champions in the game.