League of Legends Pantheon Best Build for Patch 11.11

Pantheon has been terrific in the Summoner's Rift
Pantheon has been terrific in the Summoner's Rift / Photo by Riot Games

League of Legends Patch 11.11 has been live for nearly a week and champions like Pantheon are performing well on the Rift. Here is the best Pantheon build for Patch 11.11.

Pantheon sits at 17 of the champion win-rate list at 52.12%, classifying him as an A-tier champion according to the popular League of Legends statistics site, u.gg.

League of Legends Pantheon Best Build for Patch 11.11

Looking at things realistically, Pantheon can be played in all of the game’s roles except AD Carry. He can be a terrific support with his CC and early trading capabilities. But these early trading capabilities, coupled with his global ultimate can make him a menace in the solo lanes — particularly in the mid-lane. We will be looking at the mid-lane for this build. 


Runes for Pantheon in 11.11
Runes for Pantheon in 11.11 / Photo by Riot Games

To start off is runes. As of course one of the first things players do before joining a match is setting up their runes.

As is par for the course on many champions similar to Pantheon, Conqueror is a no-brainer because of his high skirmishing capabilities. The rest of the choices aid in that accordingly.


This is what a final build should look like: Eclipse, Plated Steelcaps, Sterak's Gage, Black Cleaver, Chempunk Chainsword and Death's Dance.

To go with the runes, this is a high skirmish set of items. Of course, some items are subject to change based on the enemy champion matchup but all in all, this is the ideal final build.

Skill Order

When it comes to the skill order, it’s fairly straightforward. Players should max Q first as it’s crucial for early trading and CSing, particularly against ranged champions. Then they should make it a point to max E, as again, another form of skirmishing as well as protection.

Finally, players should finish off with a W max as it’s the last spell to max. And of course, they should level up their ultimate when possible.