5 Changes We Want in League of Legends Patch 10.3

Aphelios nerfs are a must on Patch 10.3, but what other changes should Riot Games make?
Aphelios nerfs are a must on Patch 10.3, but what other changes should Riot Games make? / Riot Games

After assessing the current strength of champions on League of Legends Patch 10.2 in both competitive play and solo queue, Riot Games has set the release date for League of Legends Patch 10.3 for Feb. 5. Here are five changes we want to see made in League of Legends Patch 10.3.

1. Buff Jungle Experience

The jungle experience nerfs made at the start of the new season made the role essentially unplayable for the most of the player base. The reasoning behind the nerf was simple, junglers could hit level 3 around the same time, if not earlier, than solo laners if they pathed properly. This resulted in a lot of early game kills for junglers and frustrated solo laners.

Although the reduced jungle experience levels left junglers two levels behind mid and top laners, the buffs to solo lane experience actually just encouraged junglers to play more around lanes. A jungler could get one to two levels ahead of the opposing jungler by simply sitting in xp range of a wave after the first clear of the jungle. Moreover, the level difference between junglers and laners became a problem for low elo junglers when champions known for their ability to burst down or isolate single targets, like Mordekaiser and Akali, became strong in the meta.

In the current patch, most junglers feel like they have to rely on their laners after the first clear of the jungle because they lack relevance after that point. Giving a slight buff to jungle experience would make the role much more enjoyable to play and give junglers some feeling of control over the outcome of their game.

2. Sett Nerfs

Sett immediately made waves in solo queue after making his way onto Summoners Rift in Patch 10.1 and has managed to secure a 54 percent win rate on Patch 10.2 in North America. The champion's kit and gold economy help to make him strong at early levels and later in the game. For example, the shield Sett gains when casting Haymaker (W) is often larger than Sion's Soul Furnace shield (W) and on a lower cooldown when fully leveled.

If Riot Games wanted to avoid nerfing the Ionian underground leader, they could also opt for a nerf of conquerer, which synergizes too well with his kit. His ability to reset auto attacks with Knuckle Down (Q) allows him to stack conquerer quicker than most other champions in top lane, which gives him a way to win most trades with ease.

3. Aphelios Nerfs

Even with the last set of nerfs on Patch 10.2, Aphelios has still been a pick/ban champion in professional play with the likes of Akali and Rumble. Aphelios has traditionally been weak in the early game and strong in the mid to late game, with insane ability to poke and create picks with his Calibrum and Gravitum weapons. He also has incredible synergy with the majority of supports in the bot lane, like Braum and Leona.

The complexity of the champion doesn't lend itself to easy fixes, but changing the damage ratios of Moonshot (Q) and Sentry (Q) would be a start in making the champion more balanced.

4. Senna Nerfs

Riot Games first attempt at a marksman support ended up creating another new AD carry in bot lane. Senna has been almost exclusively been played in the carry role, largely because of the scaling she gets from Absolution (Passive). The extra range and critical strike chance allow the champion to build damage and mana items without much consequence in lane.

If Riot Games wants to continue with the marksman support theme, then perhaps a nerf to Senna's AD ratios and passive would help return the champion to the support role while still being viable to play.

5. Tank Jungler Buffs

The only recently viable tank jungler has been Jarvan IV on Patch 10.2. Champions like Sejuani and Zac have been out of the meta for some time, which isn't surprising given the jungle experience and gold nerfs mentioned previously. Seeing individual buffs to tank junglers like Sejuani and Zac would help reinsert them into the meta and help break the cycle of Rek'Sai, Elise, and Lee Sin that currently defines Patch 10.2.