5 Changes We Don't Want in League of Legends Patch 10.3

Rumble seems to be in a balanced spot, but what else should remain the same on Patch 10.3?
Rumble seems to be in a balanced spot, but what else should remain the same on Patch 10.3? / Riot Games

With every new patch in League of Legends, there is always a risk that your favorite champion or items could be nerfed or removed from the game, even though they may not have actually been overpowered. Here are the five changes we don't want to see in League of Legends Patch 10.3, because these changes wouldn't fix the current problems in Patch 10.2.

1. Leona Nerfs

Although Leona currently has one of the highest win rates of any support in Patch 10.2, the reason for Leona's strength lies more with the AD carry role than her kit and itemization. Aphelios, Miss Fortune, and Senna can all pair well with Leona and all three are set to receive nerfs on Patch 10.3.

Nerfing Leona would unnecessarily remove her from the meta when she already has fairly strong weakness, similar to Alistar and other engage-based supports. Once she goes into a fight, there is rarely a way for her to get out alive. She also has difficulty playing from behind, as her kit is reliant on her ability to enter a fight and stay alive for several seconds in order to land multiple stuns with Shield of Daybreak (Q).

2. Major Akali Nerfs

This is a controversial position, but Akali seems to be fairly balanced on Patch 10.2. Although she has one of the highest pick rates in professional play, the champion's insane level of difficulty makes it a challenging experience for players who should be rewarded when done properly.

Making the first charge of Perfect Execution (R) have to go through a target or having the movement speed given from Twilight Shroud (W) reduced would excessively reduce Akali's outplay potential and take away the unique movement abilities of the champion. While damage ratios and energy regeneration should absolutely be considered for nerfs, changing the champion's kit in a significant way will only serve to push Akali into irrelevance.

3. Rumble Nerfs

Similar to Akali, Rumble is another champion that has been consistently picked or banned in professional play. The temptation, given these circumstance, is often to nerf the champion until it is no longer dominant in the meta. In this case, Rumble has done little to truly merit a nerf and has a relatively balanced kit.

On Patch 10.2, Rumble has a win rate under 50 percent, which means in games he is picked, he loses more often than he wins. Of course, Rumble has great synergy with certain champions like Braum and Leona, but also has significant drawbacks when played in either the mid lane or top lane. He doesn't have the same kind of health as bruisers that currently dominate the top lane like Aatrox or the same kind of damage potential and range that mid lane mages like Orianna have. Simply put, Rumble is in a fine place right now and that doesn't need to change on Patch 10.3.

4. Miniscule Jungle Experience Changes

The jungle in Season 10 is broken. There is no doubt about that. But, the changes that need to happen on Patch 10.3 have to be substantial enough to keep junglers playing the game and give junglers a way to feel some kind of control over the outcome of their game.

But simply buffing experience slightly in the jungle or somewhat restoring catch-up experience will not be enough. The changes need to be significant enough to reduce the two-level deficit between solo laners that currently exists on Patch 10.2. Anything less than that simply will not do and leave jungle mains desperate for change on Patch 10.4.

5. Dragon Soul Changes

I was initially skeptical about the addition of the Dragon Soul into the game in Season 10. But after seeing it captured and used in professional play and in solo queue, the Dragon Soul seems fairly well balanced and adds a unique element into each and every game.

It adds a new objective on the bottom side of the map to prioritize in later stages of the game and gives rewards and bonuses that actually feel significant later in the game. Often in Season 9, teams would take four drakes but not really feel as if they had been given a significant advantage for their control over the objective. In Season 10, the ability to maintain control over dragons is amply rewarded and should remain that way. Although individual changes to Ocean Soul and Infernal Soul may be considered in the future, the Dragon Souls as a whole should remain basically the same.