League of Legends Patch 11.10 Preview

League of Legends players eager for the upcoming patch May 11 were teased with a patch preview to document some of the changes coming to Patch 11.10.

League of Legends Patch 11.10 Preview

A Mostly Unassuming Patch

While many of the changes seen in Patch 11.10 per the patch preview are nothing that will shake the game too much, there's one major change surely to shake the game up on its release.

The Phase Rush nerf is sure to tip the scales of balance slightly out of favor for junglers like Graves and Nunu that liked it for kiting and sustain. Additionally, mid lane champions like Syndra and Ryze are going to be hurt by this change, as Phase Rush was well suited by them.

Ryze will more than likely continue to take Phase Rush despite the nerf, while Syndra players may revert back to using Electrocute even if Syndra's low base damage doesn't compliment the mastery as well as it once did.

No Game-Changing Champions Buffs or Nerfs

Of the 12 champions listed to be getting changed this patch (Irelia being #13 but pushed back citing 'more time to work on changes' as their reason) none of the buffs or nerfs are significant enough to greatly change a champion's win rate, or bring an underrepresented solo queue to pick like Yuumi or Kayle.

Some of the changes are most certainly welcome, like Katarina's -5 hit to her base movement speed, down to 335. While -5 move speed is very often memed by the community, this change combined with the inevitable future nerfs will eventually bog down Kat enough, putting her down a rung or two on the most sought-after solo queue picks.

Until then however, the -5 move speed alone will not be nearly enough to quell the spinny-knife tyrant. So long as you don't ban her, Katarina will still be ever-present in all of our solo queue games.

Patch 11.10 does being to chip away at other champions who have seemed to have a chokehold on the meta for many patches now. When combined with greater nerfs in the future, the minor nerfs to Darius, Katarina, Thresh, Jinx, and Talon will be more meaningful as time goes on.