League of Legends Patch 11.11 Preview Released

Surfer Singed
Surfer Singed / Courtesy of Riot Games

With only three days left until Patch 11.11 releases, it's time for another Patch Preview. Mark Yetter posted the preview to his Twitter account, as per usual, indicating which changes are likely to arrive in the newest update. Most, if not all changes from Yetter's posts end up in the actual patch.

Bramble Vest Nerf

ARMOR: 35>>>30; Thorns :: 3 + 10% Armor magic damage >>> 3 magic damage

This one is pretty massive, as Bramble Vest has remained a thorn on the side of League players basically since the new items have been out. The five armor reduction is pretty big, and the flat three magic damage as opposed to 10% armor is pretty big, too.

This will not kill tanks by any means, but remains one of the necessary stepping stones in reducing the power of them.

Senna Changes

League of Legends Patch 11.11 Preview. Surfer Singed League of Legends skin. Surfer Singed splash art League of Legends.
Senna Default Skin / courtesy of Riot Games

Many of the Senna changes are intersting, with the biggest hit shown in her passive.

For the players who have gotten really good at collecting Senna's souls, the range increase is going to take a nice chunk longer to really get going. Thich is unfortunate because that range increase is what made Senna such a menace in the later stages of the game.

Interestingly, the changes seem to push Senna back to her Lethality roots, with her Q healing now scaling with 160% of your current Lethality stat. Minor additions such as a 0.05% AP ratio being added onto the bonus move speed of Senna's E are being put in as well.

Watchful and Vigilant Wardstones Changes

Quite possibly the biggest change coming this patch is the revamp of the now removed Stirring Wardstone item. The tier one item does not exist anymore, with Watchful Wardstone now being able to be purchased directly from the shop, which then automatically upgrades to Vigilant Wardstone upon reaching level 13 and completing the Support Quest.

The biggest change to Vigilant Wardstone is the new passive the item brings, Blessing of Ixtal. Blessing of Ixtal increase your AP, Ability Haste, bonus AD, and bonus Health all by 12%, a nice boost in stats to make up for the less purchases in individual stat increases that supports tend to look for.

Patch 11.11 is shaping up to be really interesting, and should bring about some meaningful changes to some items and champions as more discover the impacts of the changes.