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League of Legends Patch 11.12: 3 Biggest Changes

Dr. Mundo's Rageborn skin after the VGU update
Dr. Mundo's Rageborn skin after the VGU update / Photo by Riot Games

Riot Games has posted the patch notes for the League of Legends Patch 11.12. As per usual, it carries its champion balancing and tuning, new skins to come as well as bug fixes and quality of life changes. The patch is set to release on Wednesday, June 9 and with that in mind here are three of the biggest changes that are set to come to the Summoner’s Rift. 

This patch mainly consisted of champion balancing and tuning as there were no item alterations made to items. 

League of Legends Patch 11.12: 3 Biggest Changes

Dr. Mundo’s Update

By far the biggest change in all of the patch is Dr. Mundo’s long anticipated update. The Rift’s resident tank doctor is getting a near-complete overhaul of his kit and will look to terrorize players’ games soon.

For more information on Dr. Mundo’s VGU update including abilities, skins and more, visit here

Aphelios’ buffs

Aphelios has been no stranger to the ADC meta as prior to his significant nerfs last year, the champion was suffocating in his role. Even with those nerfs he’s been utilized. These buffs to his base stats of MR and AD Growth are pretty significant. But the buffs that take the cake is the overall buffs to both Q - Severeum, The Scythe Pistol and Q - Crescendum, The Chakram.

Udyr’s nerfs

Yet another nerf to Udyr; even though the champion had received nerfs prior to patch 11.11 he still continued to be strong. As one one-third of the golden triumvirate of junglers (Udyr, Morgana, Rumble), this is a much-needed nerf as he is still utilized highly in pro play.

For more information or the official patch notes visit Riot Games’ official post