League of Legends Patch 11.12 Preview Released

Dr. Mundo New Corporate Mundo Splash Art, following the VGU
Dr. Mundo New Corporate Mundo Splash Art, following the VGU / Riot Games

The League of Legends Patch 11.12 Preview has dropped. A new League of Legends patch is on the horizon, set to release on June 9. Here's a look at Mark Yetter's preview.

League of Legends Patch 11.12 Preview Released

Dr. Mundo VGU

The biggest story by far this patch is the highly anticipated Visual + Gameplay Update for Dr. Mundo, a champion whose kit and appearance certainly showed its age. Mundo's iconic cleaver and ultimate remain unchanged, while his W and E are more or less improved or outright better versions of their former selves.

VGUs for outdated champions are just about universally welcome, and it gives Riot a chance to rethink how they once imagined a champion and the lore surrounding them. Many players are excited to see what the new madman of Zaun has to offer, with this VGU being the biggest talk of Patch 11.12.

Potentially Interesting Buffs

A unique buff to Ziggs comes in the form of his ultimate's missile speed, something notoriously pretty slow at medium-max range. Riot has taken note of this, and on top of an increase of 20 base damage at max Q rank, the "medium/long" missile speed has been sped up a considerable amount: from 1550 to 2250.

Aphelios is a tough spot right now, as unless you are a diehard Aphelios fan that must play him, it's typically better to pick any other ADC that can specialize in a certain aspect of Aphelios' kit. As it stands, unless you are well seasoned on the champion, Aphelios feels a bit less like a jack of all trades, and more like a master of none.

The buffs to Aphelios greatly increase his base Magic Resist from 26 to 30, likely to combat the prevalence of champions like Swain, Seraphine, or Veigar in the bot lane as of late. Additionally, Severum and Crescendum see buffs to their base numbers, bringing Aphelios players a longing to the days of his absolutely busted base damage.

In terms of nerfs, the usual suspects of late like Wukong and Kai'sa take some hits with the nerf bat, which is always welcome.

Patch 11.12 hits the rift on June 9.