League of Legends Patch 11.15 Preview Revealed

It's another Patch Wednesday and Blitzcrank seems to be getting a huge buff for the upcoming Patch 11.15 | Photo by Riot Games
It's another Patch Wednesday and Blitzcrank seems to be getting a huge buff for the upcoming Patch 11.15 | Photo by Riot Games /

League of Legends Patch 11.15 is on the horizon for another Patch Wednesday. This patch will help some of the underutilized champions have some relevance again and also take some of the higher-picked champions down a couple of notches.

League of Legends Patch 11.15 Preview


It's always nice to start with the bad news first, especially when it comes to nerfing champions that players love. Some of the nerfs affecting the champions are typically minimal, but the balance team at Riot Games did take a lot of high win rate champions down a peg.

One thing to note is that Sylas is finally getting nerfed after multiple patches of dominance, however, what was taken away from him was only compensated back into a different skill - it's likely he'll remain as a pick-or-ban champion in solo queue. He'll have his Kingslayer (W) healing nerfed from 30-150 with the 45% ability power kicker down to 25-125 with only 40% added AP. Fret not Sylas mains as his Chain Lash (Q) will be rewarded for his troubles as its damage will go from 60-280 with an added 80% AP to 70-290 with a 90% AP kicker. Be prepared for another two weeks of nightmares if going against a Sylas in the mid lane.

Another nerf will both influence the way he lanes in the early game as the balance team nerfs his healing per five seconds stat from 4 health points to 2.5 HP. It will affect his early game slightly, but if a player likes to build a Doran's Blade early on, they might have to reconsider and opt for a Doran's Shield if they plan to play safe.

Here are the rest of the nerfs:

  • Annie: Disintegrate (Q) AP ratio from 80% to 75%
  • Aurelion Sol: Flight distance with Comet of Legend (E) from 5500-7500 to 5000 flat
  • Gwen: Skip 'N Slash (E) attack speed from 40-80% to 20-80%
  • Irelia: Defiant Dance (W) AD Ratio from 50% to 40%, physical damage reduction from 40-80% to 40-70%, magic damage reduction from 20-40% to 20-35%
  • Kayle: Base magic resist from 30-26
  • Thresh: Flay (E) cooldown from 11-9 seconds to 13-10 seconds
  • Viego (when laning): Blade of the Ruined King (Q) base damage from 25-85 to 15-75, bonus damage to monsters from 10-20, healing from minions from 50% to 10%


The buffs for the range of characters are to add more relevance to some of the more underutilized champions in various roles, with none of the champions largely standing out except for one.

Blitzcrank seems to be getting the largest buff of all the champions in this patch, probably to make his fans show how good their hooks are in games. He'll start with an early game power up as his base armor will increase from 37 to 40. On top of that, his Rocket Grab (Q) hook ability will start dealing out some massive damage early on as it will go from 70-270 with an added 100% AP to 90-290 and an added 120% AP.

Aside from champions, the Hullbreaker item, used best when sieging objectives without the team, will be receiving a buff as well. In which the Resists for the item will increase from 25-45 to 25-60, seemingly to help the split-pushing top laners that are not strong enough in team fights.

Here are the rest of the buffs:

  • Caitlyn: Piltover Peacemaker (Q) AD ratio from 130-170% to 130-190%.
  • Cassiopeia: Twin Fang (E) damage from 10-90 to 20-100.
  • Kennen: Thundering Shuriken (Q) damage from 75-235 and an additional 75% AP to 85-265 with an additional 80% AP.
  • Mordekaiser: Indestructible (W) cooldown from 14-10 seconds to 12-8 seconds and its damage stored from 35% to 45%.
  • Nidalee: Base HP from 545 to 570 and HP per level from 85 to 95.
  • Rell: Ferromancy: Crash Down (W) cooldown from 13 seconds to 11 seconds.
  • Shyvana: Twin Bite (Q) cooldown from nine seconds to five seconds, its AP ratio from 25/15% to 35/25%.
  • Syndra: Dark Sphere (Q) mana cost form 60-80 MP to 40-80 MP.
  • Xayah: Featherstorm (R) cooldown from 160-130 seconds to 140-100 seconds.