League of Legends Patch 11.23: All Jungle Changes

Photo Courtesy of Riot Games

League of Legends just launched their 2022 preseason with huge new updates in the jungle. Along with new skins, item updates, rune changes and more, the jungle will be receiving two new drakes: The Chemtech Drake and Hextech Drake.

The Chemtech Drake buff grants up to 5% bonus damage per stack against enemies with 340-1020 more health than the player. The Chemtech Dragon Soul grants the team a brief second life after their next death. Revived champions will take 40% less damage, deal 33% less damage, and will take damage every .25 seconds based on their starting health.

Along with the buff and soul updates, the Chemtech rift creates four gas zones in the jungle which camouflage the team's champions. 10% more damage will be inflicted on the enemy team in these zones.

League of Legends Patch 11.23: All Jungle Changes

The Hextech Drake buff grants 5 ability haste and 5% attack speed per stack. When a team takes the Hextech Dragon Soul, they gain a chain lightning slow on their next basic attack or ability that deals 25-75 true damage based on champions level, bounces to three additional targets, and slows them down for two seconds.

The Hextech rift creates Hex-gates which allows the team to travel from one gate to the other in an instant. These gates can be destroyed by the enemy team and have an individual 30 second cooldown upon use.

The Cloud Drake and Rift Scuttler have also been adjusted for fairer gameplay. The Cloud Drake buff will no longer give 12 ultimate ability haste, but was reworked into an additional 3.5% out-of-combat speed along with 3.5% slow resistance.

The first Rift Scuttler of the game was also in need of improvement. It has been nerfed to the "baby bug" which will have 35% reduced health, grants 80% reduced XP and is now smaller in size to fit its value.