League of Legends

League of Legends Patch 11.24 New Skins

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Riot Games just updated League of Legends with Patch 11.24 releasing bug fixes, item and champion nerfs and buffs, and the long-awaited Debonair skin collection. Originally teased on Twitter back in early November, the Debonair skin collection will be released on Dec. 9 for players to obtain.

The Debonair collection features seven League of Legends champions in elegant costumes with the color palette following a pearl white and vibrant green theme. Riot also released a Debonair Brand Prestige Edition Skin, replacing the bright green details of the skin with gold.

The champions who will receive a new Debonair skin as a part of their cosmetics collection are Master Yi, Zed, Draven, Brand, Malzahar, Leona and LeBlanc. Along with the Debonair skins, Riot has also added several chromas to each Debonair champion. Photos of each skin have been presented through different splash art created by Riot.

In addition to the Debonair chromas, Riot is releasing an "Ahri-versary" chroma to every Ahri skin. On Dec. 14, the champion Ahri will be celebrating her 10 year anniversary since being first introduced to the game in 2011.

Previously in Patch 11.23, Riot introduced the Cafe Cuties skin collection which recently dropped in the League of Legends shop on Dec. 2. As players of League of Legends wait for the Debonair collection to launch, the Cafe Cuties skin for Vladimir, Soraka, Bard, Sivir, Annie and Gwen are all currently available.