League of Legends Patch 11.3 Top Lane Tier List

League of Legends Patch 11.3 Top Lane Tier List
League of Legends Patch 11.3 Top Lane Tier List / Photo Courtesy of Riot Games

The top lane is one of the most volatile positions in League of Legends. Top lane champions have to be able to win their 1v1 battle with the champion across from them. Top lane champions also typically build a lot of armor to act as a front line in team fights. With that in mind, here's your League of Legends Patch 11.3 Top Lane Tier List.

S Tier

Darius, Camille, Renekton, Malphite, and Aatrox all stand tall in this lane. Each of these champions can quickly dispose of minion waves and is not afraid to go punch for punch with another tank of a champion. On top of that, each of their ultimates makes them prevalent in any fight they chose to take.

A Tier

Gnar, Volibear, Shen, Maokai, and Garen are close seconds to their S-Tier counterparts. While all of these champions can survive long fights with their armor, they don't have a great way to engage fights. Gnar is the only real exception to this, but he also has the least amount of health compared to the others in this tier.

B Tier

Gangplank, Viego, Sett, Irelia, Ornn all find themselves at B-Tier for their own reasons. Gangplank lacks a way to engage in a fight. He can use his Cannon Barrage (R), but it's typically best to save it for a fight against multiple enemies. Viego has a surprising amount of distance in his attacks, but his Harrowed Path (E) is practically useless in this lane. Sett can flex to a lot of positions making himself very useful. However, his moves are straightforward and predictable. Irelia's Vanguard's Edge (R) is good at securing kills since it slows enemy champions. However, if an enemy isn't in low health, the slow can be avoided simply by pushing toward Irelia. Lastly, Ornn is still a strong champion. However, he doesn't have an easy way of securing kills.

C Tier

Quinn, Jax, Illaoi, Sion, and Heimerdinger make their way to C-Tier. Quinn has good range in top lane, but isn't built to withstand a lot of hits. This goes for Heimerdinger as well. Illaoi and Sion are both tanks, but struggle in team fights since they mostly focus on one opponent. Jax can be more impactful than Sion or Illaoi in team fights, but also typically has less health than them.