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League of Legends Patch 12.1 Full Notes Explained

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

The League of Legends Patch 12.1 updates are on their way with the start of Season 12. League of Legends players are going to see quite a few changes with this patch including a nerfed Immortal Shieldbow and Teleport, Ekko skin upgrades and a huge rework on Rengar. Here are the full notes for Patch 12.1.

League of Legends Season 12 is set to start on Jan. 4, 2022. As players have been currently playing in the preseason, League had introduced quite a few changes in the jungle as well as new mythical and legendary items to the Rift.

In Patch 12.1, players will be seeing a lot of big changes that will change the pace of Summoner's Rift. Here are the full notes with changes that will be seen in Patch 12.1.

League of Legends Patch 12.1 Full Notes

1. Champion Reworks and Updates

  • Rengar will be seeing a rework in Season 12. Rengar will Camouflage after one second of his R activation rather than two seconds. His ultimate ability will also give him 60% movement speed.
  • Annie will be receiving an update on several of her skins.

2. Item Nerfs and Buffs

  • Immortal Shieldbow will be nerfed. The developers will lower the attack damage from 55 to 50, and the shield will be lowered to 275-650.
  • Eclipse will also be seeing a nerf. The buff will be reverted and the cooldown for this item will go from six seconds to eight.
  • Force of Nature will buffed, causing the item's duration to last longer from five to seven seconds. Damage reduction will go from 20% to 25%.
  • Wit's End will have a new buildpath. To build the item players will need to buy a Heartbound Axe, Null-magic Mantle and Pickaxe.

3. Summoner Spell: Teleport

Teleport will be receiving a nerf this season. Until the 14 minute mark of the game, players will only be able to teleport to allied structures. After 14 minutes, the spell will upgrade to Unleashed Teleport where champions can teleport to allied structures, minions or wards. 50% move speed boost will be granted for three seconds.

4. New Skins

  • Arcane Ekko
  • Elderwood Rek’Sai
  • Elderwood Gnar