League of Legends Patch 12.10: All Durability Changes to Runes

Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

In a post made by the Summoner's Rift Team a few weeks ago, Riot Games detailed how it wanted League of Legends Patch 12.10 to be dedicated to improving survivability. Now that the patch is finally here for us to experience, we can take a closer look and what changes have been made to make this dream come to fruition. In this article, we focus on the changes made to Runes.

League of Legends Patch 12.10 Rune Durability Changes

The following list includes all Runes that were affected by durability changes, and the adjustments that they received:

  • Conditioning. Total armor and magic resist increase changed from 5% to 4%.
  • Conqueror. Omnivamp decreased from 9% (melee) and 8% (ranged) to 6% (melee) and 5% (ranged).
  • Font of Life. Ally heal decreased from 5 (+1% of your maximum health) to 5 (+0.9% of your maximum health).
  • Grasp of the Undying. Heal decreased from 2% (melee) and 1.2% (ranged) to 1.7% (melee) and 1.02% (ranged) maximum health. Damage decreased from 4% (melee) and 2.4% (ranged) to 3.5% (melee) to 2.1% (ranged) maximum health.
  • Guardian. Shield decreased from 50-130 (levels 1-18) (+15% AP and +9% bonus health) to 45-120 (levels 1-18) (+12.5% AP and +8% bonus health).
  • Nullifying Orb. Magic damage shield decreased from 40-120 (levels 1-18) (+15% bonus AD and +10% AP) to 35-110 (levels 1-18) (+14% bonus AD and +9% AP)
  • Overheal. Maximum shield decreased from 10 (+10% maximum health) to 10 (+9% maximum health).
  • Summon Aery. Shield decreased from 35-80 (levels 1-18) (+40% bonus AD and+25% AP) to 30-75 (levels 1-18) (+35% bonus AD and +22.5% AP).
  • Taste of Blood. Heal decreased from 18-35 (levels 1-18) (+20% bonus AD and +10% AP) to 16-30 (levels 1-18) (+15% bonus AD and +8% AP).
  • Triumph. Heal decreased from 12% of your missing health to 10% of your missing health.

If you're curious about what other changes have been made, be sure to check out the full patch notes on the League of Legends website.