League of Legends Patch 12.10: All Durability Changes to Summoner Spells

Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

In Patch 12.10, Riot Games wanted to focus on improving durability in League of Legends. Their efforts in trying to achieve this have brought us a patch in which nearly every single champion was affected in some way by the changes they wanted to make. Of course, these durability changes go beyond just the champions.

League of Legends Patch 12.10: Durability Changes to Summoner Spells

Here the changes made to summoner spells for the 12.10 durability patch:

  • Barrier. Shield decreased from 115-455 to 105-411 (levels 1-18).
  • Heal. Heal decreased from 90-345 to 80-318 (levels 1-18).
  • Ignite. Grievous Wounds decreased from 60% reduced healing to 50% reduced healing.
  • Smite. Heal decreased from 90 (+10% of max health) to 80 (+7.5% of max health).

In the patch notes, the developers state that, "our goal is NOT to nerf sustain... Since increasing durability means that heals, shields, and sustain will matter more to everyone, we're nerfing these systems accordingly with approximately equal weight." We see this reflected in how summoner spells have been affected. Shielding and Healing overall have been reduced by around 10%, and enhanced Grievous Wounds have been reduced from 60% to 50%.

With these changes, Riot is hoping that fights will last longer, but that the length of the overall game will not increase in turn.

If you want to check out the patch notes for yourself, click here.