League of Legends Patch 12.11: Outer Turrets Nerfed

League of Legends Turret
League of Legends Turret / Riot Games

League of Legends Patch 12.11 sees the nerfing of Outer Turrets in the game.

League of Legends' recent Patch 12.11 update has reduced the damage that Turrets deal when hitting Champions. In the previous patch, Turret damage was increased to compensate for the increased resistances many Champions were granted, however this damage is being adjusted alongside several other systems in the newest update.

League of Legends Patch 12.11: Outer Turrets Nerfs Explained

The nerf is a part of the various adjustments being made to the durability update Riot Games introduced a little while ago. This update sought to increase the duration of team fights by increasing the durability of champions. The goal of this update was to make team fights longer, and increase the chances of big game turn-arounds and counter-plays.

According to the patch notes, released on Twitter by a League of Legends developer, Outer Tower AD has been reduced from 167-391 to 162-344. According to the developer Tim, "strong towers were a positive change, but went a bit too far in protecting weak early games and we overshot our target. We'll be examining the other towers over the next few patches as well."

Alongside the Turret damage nerf, over 36 other Champions and systems were adjusted in this new patch. As the new durability changes remain in the game, new patches seek to tweak and adjust what isn't working, while still retaining the main goal of the original update. For now, players who were suffering from frequent grey screens after tower diving may have an easier time with the new patch.