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League of Legends Patch 12.9: 3 Champions That Need Nerfs

Image courtesy of Riot Games.

With the League of Legends patch updates, champion nerfs and buffs are used to balance out the game. This is done to make the game more enjoyable for everyone, as there are a total of 159 champions.

Even with the attempts to balance the game, there are plenty of champions that are too overpowered against others.

Here are three League of Legends champions that need a nerf in Patch 12.9.

League of Legends Patch 12.9: 3 Champions That Need Nerfs

1. Lux

Known to be both a fantastic mid lane and support champion, players can almost never go wrong with the Lady of Luminosity. Lux can stun opponents with Light Blinding (Q), shield other allies with Prismatic Barrier (W), and slow her enemies with Lucent Singularity (E). Even her ultimate, Final Spark (R), is easy to use. It deals a lot of damage and has long range. It's no surprise that players are frustrated when playing against her. For Lux, we would recommend that her ultimate gets a longer cooldown timer.

2. Riven

Riven is one of the more difficult champions to pick up on, but she's a powerful champion in the top lane. The reason why she's such a great top laner is because she's a high damage and mobile top lane carry with the ability to snowball games into an easy win. Once players are able to master her abilities, she is capable of dominating the Rift without any challenges. For Riven, we're hoping that her Valor (E), the ability to step forward a short distance and block incoming damage, gets a longer cooldown time.

3. Master Yi

Last on our list of champions that need a nerf is Master Yi. The Wuju Bladesman is a jungler that many fear because his abilities are annoying to go against. Yi's Alpha Strike (Q) deals physical damage while going un-targetable and his Highlander (R) increases his Move Speed and Attack Speed as well as making him immune to all slowing effects. We're hoping that his ultimate gets nerfed as he is too strong after acquiring only a few kills.