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League of Legends Patch Schedule

League of Legends patch schedule is important as developer Riot Games has been busy pushing new content for its players. From the massive Pantheon rework to the confirmation of a new fighting-style game, Riot clearly has a busy schedule ahead. As a player, it makes sense you would want to be in-the-know about what's going on with your favorite games.

Here's when you can expect updates and patches to hit League.

League of Legends Patch Schedule

League typically updates once every two weeks⁠—fixing bugs and making quality of life changes along with bits of new content here and there. Most of these patches go live on Wed., averaging about two updates per month.

Patch 9.16 is planned to go live on Aug. 14, making it the next patch you'll see. It's already available to try on the Public Beta Environment (PBE). This patch includes the Pantheon rework, balance changes for Aurelion Sol and Kayle, minor nerfs and buffs to several heroes, and fun new skins.

More information on Patch 9.16 can be found on the game's Dev Corner blog.

Other dates for patches include:

  • 9.17 - Aug. 28
  • 9.18 - Sept. 11
  • 9.19 - Sept. 25
  • 9.20 - Oct. 9
  • 9.21 - Oct. 23
  • 9.22 - Nov. 6
  • 9.23 - Nov. 20
  • 9.24 - Dec. 11
  • More information for patch dates is available on Riot's blog, which is consistently updated with date changes.

    Photo courtesy of Riot Games.