League of Legends PBE Download: How to Download It

League of Legends' Public Beta Environment (PBE) is the place to go to get your hands on the latest features, tweaks, and skins that haven't hit the live game servers yet.

Here's how you can become the first of your friends to try out some unreleased League content.

League of Legends PBE Download

In order to play on the PBE, you'll need to create a PBE account. This requires you to have an already existing League of Legends account which must be in good standing—described as having "no bans or restrictions"—and be honor level three or above.

You can check your PBE eligibility with Riot by logging-in on this page.

Newly created accounts will be automatically linked to your main League account. Note that you can only have one PBE account per live account and account sharing isn't permitted.

All PBE accounts are instantly scaled to level thirty on creation and you will be provided with a simple mission to farm Blue Essence as needed.

Once your account is a created and active, it's a simple matter of finding the correct client for you—Windows or Mac—and downloading it in the same way you would the live client. It's about the same size and should execute in the same way. Don't forget to set your region and language correctly.

Make sure to keep your eye on the server status as testing servers tend to be taken down and re-uploaded frequently to patch through bits of new content.

You can find more information about the PBE on this FAQ page.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games.