League of Legends Penalties for Dodging Games

Riot Games

Riot Games has attempted to stop players from dodging champion select in multiple games of League of Legends, as it makes matches take much longer to start that normal.

It had become a major problem in higher skill levels, as players will dodge games to avoid playing with anyone who might be autofilled in their role. Dodging was emphasized in the community as important to make climbing the ranked ladder easier, but Riot has started to attack this method.

One of the most recent ways Riot eliminated dodging is by disallowing anyone to see their own team's summoner names during champion select. This makes it to where players cannot see who is on their team prior to the start of the match, which makes it impossible to know whenever someone is autofilled or on a losing streak.

This change has made it much worse to dodge champion select, but here are the penalties players receive upon dodging.

League of Legends Penalties for Dodging Games

The dodging penalties begin relatively small, but they increase in severity the more games you dodge in a single day.

Players can dodge one game per day without much of a downside, as they will just lose 3 League Points (LP) and have a six minute queue ban.

The second game a person dodges in a day is much more severe, as it involves a 30 minute queue ban and a loss of 10 LP.

The most recent addition was for players that dodge three games in a single day. Doing this will still lead to a loss of 10 LP, but the queue ban is greatly increased to 12 hours.

Riot also added a section for players that dodge ARAM games. The queue ban for dodging one ARAM game is 15 minutes. The second game will lead to a 30 minute restriction. The new third tier addition will force a player to wait 12 hours after doding three games of ARAM in a single day.