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League of Legends Phoenix Skins Release Date

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

League of Legends Phoenix skins have been out for preview for about a week now and players are eager to see these vibrant skins hit the live server. With bright colored skins being released for three different champions, this is when you can expect to see the Phoenix skins hit your main League of Legends client.

The Phoenix skin line is slated to be released with Patch 11.17. This means that we can expect to have the full array of skins available and purchasable on Wednesday, Aug. 25. The skin line will include skins for Anivia, Seraphine, and Xayah.

League of Legends Phoenix Skins Release Date

The Phoenix skins will be released Wednesday, Aug. 25. Here are the three skins that will become available:

  • Divine Phoenix Anivia
  • Graceful Phoenix Seraphine
  • Brave Phoenix Xayah

Each skin has it's own unique look and feel while sharing an obvious theme and color palette. The skin line focuses on the mid and bottom side of the map this time around. Anivia mains can rejoice with the new skin in the mid lane, while support players can perform with Seraphine and AD carries fly off with Xayah. Focusing around the rising of a Phoenix, Divine Phoenix Anivia seems to spot on in terms of connection to the skin.