League of Legends Piltover Clash: How to Sign Up, Start Date

Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

It's time for the third Clash of the season. Piltover Clash is about to begin, and we're going to go over how you can sign up, and when this Clash will begin.

How to Sign Up for League of Legends Piltover Clash

There are a few things you'll have to do to participate in Piltover Clash. First, you'll have to be a part of a team. If you have friends who also play League, try to form that team with them. If you don't know anybody who can be a part of your team, though, there are ways to find and connect with players like you who want to participate in Clash. R/TeamRedditTeams is a great place to look for other players who want to participate in Clash.

Second, a ticket has to be purchased by a member of the team. A basic Clash ticket can be bought with Blue Essence or RP, or you can purchase a premium ticket with RP, at a higher cost. A premium ticket upgrades the quality of the rewards you receive from participating in Clash.

League of Legends Piltover Clash Start Date

Piltover Clash will last for two weeks. Week 1 team formation began on April 11, and the tournament itself takes place on April 16-17. For Week 2, team formation will begin on April 25, and the tournament will take place on April 30 and May 1.

Whether you come in eighth place or first, you're guaranteed to win something by participating in Clash, so there's nothing to lose. Get out on the rift and shoot for that Clash trophy, and show it off to your friends.