League of Legends Preseason 2021: Best Anivia Build

Best Anivia Build League of Legends Preseason 2021
Best Anivia Build League of Legends Preseason 2021 / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

The best Anivia build in League of Legends Preseason 2021 is here and ready to be exploited for mid lane wins.

Anivia has finally received a much needed rework to bring her back as a viable mid lane choice. Now it's time to learn the best build to dominate the mid lane with Anivia.

Best Anivia Build League of Legends Preseason 2021

Anivia is a mage mid laner that can deal devastating damage with her ability to stun and slow her enemies. Here are the best items to build in order to be the most effective Anivia on the rift.

Starting Items

Start the game by purchasing Doran's Ring and two health potions.

First/Mythical Item

Building Liandry's Torment early with Anivia is a great way to take advantage of her Glacial Storm (R) damage over time by adding burning damage as well.


Sorcerer's Shoes are the best boots for Anivia by increasing her magic damage penetration.

Second Item

Archangel's Staff provides Anivia with a massive mana pool once its fully charged, which is extremely important due to her heavy mana use.

Third Item

For increased utility, building Zhonya's Hourglass provides armor for defense and an active passive to counter enemies that manage to close the gap on her.

Fourth Item

Demonic Embrace grants Anivia more burning magic damage and increased health.

Fifth Item

With tanks taking such a huge piece of the Preseason 2021 meta, finishing the build off with a Void Staff is a great choice in order to penetrate their magic resistance.

Once you're done mastering Anivia and her Preseason 2021 best build, try your hand at Fizz or Zed in order to further improve your mid lane gameplay.