League of Legends Preseason 2021: Best Caitlyn Build

Best Caitlyn Build League of Legends Preseason 2021
Best Caitlyn Build League of Legends Preseason 2021 / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

The best League of Legends Preseason 2021 Caitlyn build has shifted around quite a build with all the patches and new items and item reworks.

With Preseason 2021's end fast approaching this holiday season, Caitlyn's build seems to have found a good place to settle. Tier wise her ranking is fairly low, but she is a fun and easy to play ADC that almost anyone can pick up and have a good time playing.

Best Caitlyn Build League of Legends Preseason 2021

Caitlyn's build path follows a pretty standard ADC path. High attack damage paired with high critical hit chance to deal massive amounts of damage with every auto attack. The build goes as follows:

Starting Items

To start the game, grab a Doran's Blade and a health potion.

First Item

Galeforce is the mythic item you want to get for your first completed item. Galeforce offers additional movement speed and an active dash.


Caitlyn's best overall boot option are Berserker's Greaves.

Second Item

Stormrazor should follow up Galeforce for more crit and movement speed.

Third Item

At this point your damage and crit should be scaling so it's the perfect time to build Infinity Edge to greatly increase your damage output

Fourth Item

Follow Infinity Edge up with a Rapid Firecannon.

Fifth Item

Caitlyn's best final item is Guardian Angel.

The build may vary depending on your enemy and how well you're doing in the game, but this is the overall best build for Caitlyn in Preseason 2021.

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