League of Legends Preseason 2021: Best Mid Lane Item Builds

Best Mid Lane Item Builds in League of Legends Preseason 2021
Best Mid Lane Item Builds in League of Legends Preseason 2021 | Photo courtesy of Riot Games

The best mid lane builds in League of Legends preseason 2021 are going to vary depending on what champion you play. Attack damage assassins won't build the same way a mage will.

Preseason 2021has brought all new items and plenty of updated items that have shaken up the standard builds we grew used to. Mythic items offer a special buff to all Legendary items, which means picking the right one may change every game.

Best Mid Lane Item Builds in League of Legends Preseason 2021

Attack Damage Assassin:

  • Eclipse - High damage and lethality and grants Ever Rising Moon that deals additional percentage health damage, grants 30% movement speed, and a bonus ad shield. It's Mythic ability gives all other Legendary items 4% armor penetration.
  • Youmuu's Ghostblade - Offers high attack damage and lethality to build with the Eclipse. It also receives the Mythic buff of 4% armor penetration and has an active movement speed buff.

The eclipse is going to be the core item of the build by granting the additional armor penetration to the other items. To finish the build, continue focusing on lethality and armor penetration. Edge of Night, Serylda's Grudge, and Black Cleaver are all excellent options.

Ability Power Assassin:

AP assassins vary quite a bit depending on the champion. The Mythic items can be switched up a bit more.

Mythic Item Options - Riftmaker, Night Harvester, and Luden's Echo are all excellent options depending on who you're playing and who you're playing against.

Rabadon's Deathcap and Zhonya's Hourglass are essential options across the board and the rest of the build is going to be more situational.


Mythic Items - between Luden's Echo and Liandry's Anguish.

Rabadon's Deathcap is a staple to all builds with Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Morellonomicon as great follow ups.