League of Legends Pride 2021 Event Announced

courtesy of Riot Games

Riot Games announced an in-game event showing support for LGTBQIA+ across its library.

It has been announced through League of Legends' official Twitter account that Pride Across and Beyond Runeterra will be this year's theme. As usual, rainbow colors that represent the LGTBQIA+ community will be able to flash until the end of June.

League of Legends Pride 2021 Event Announced

The Pride event will be applied to not only League of Legends but to all the other games released by Riot Games. Below is a list of games participating in Pride 2021.

  • League of Legends
  • Teamfight Tactics
  • Legends of Runeterra
  • Mobile Wild Rift
  • Valorant

This article will explore what items are available in each game. Detailed information of Pride 2021 can be found in Riot's official article.

League of Legends

The poro icons same from last year will be available in League of Legends store. Equipping these icons will allow players to have a rainbow color flash behind them when starting the game. They will be available under the icon tab for one blue essence.

This year there are Diana and Leona mission available. Here are the rewards available:

  • Beside You Emote (Diana and Leona)
  • Pride 2021 Icon
  • Pride 2021 Emote
  • 500 Blue Essences

Teamfight Tactics

TFT players can experience the same effects in game.

There will also be a new mission called "Sun and Moon" that gives special pride booms. They will change the hit effects done to the other player when the other wins. There will be a total of seven Pride booms available.

Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra players can also earn new icons. A new Guardian named Ellie the Elephant has also been released as well as a new emote. All three of these can be obtained in the shop with zero coins.

Mobile Wild Rift

The mobile Wild Rift will also be adding icons that serve the same purpose as PC League of Legends. Players equip with one of the seven icons will have a rainbow effect in the beginning of the game.

Two missions will also be available starting May 24 with the seven poro icons and a Pride 2021 Emote as rewards.


New icons have also dropped for Riot's FPS players. These icons are also available in Valorant's store.

Offline Merchandise

In addition to the games, there will be offline merchandise available in Riot Merchandise Store starting June 1. This includes mugs, clothing and more to be announced soon.