League of Legends Pride 2022 Icons: How to Get

Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

League of Legends is continuing its annual celebration of Pride Month with new content made to represent the LGBTQIA+ community. One way players can show off their pride is through their icons. In the past, League introduced Poro icons whose colors represented different pride flags. For Pride 2022, new icons have been made for players to choose to show off their pride. But how can players get these new Pride icons?

League of Legends Pride 2022 Icons: How to Get

As detailed in the Pride 2022 blog post, The League of Legends Pride 2022 icons can be purchased in the shop for 1 blue essence. By equipping one of these icons (or any Pride icon from previous years), a trail with the colors of that icon will follow you in-game for the rest of June.

The Pride 2022 icons feature Pengu, the most pleasant penguin mascot in the Rift, holding up an orb that features the colors of different pride flags. This year, there is a new flag available alongside the flags featured previously. The new gay pride flag, whose colors are a gradient from green to white to blue, is now a part of available pride icons.

Players can also complete missions to unlock special emotes made for the June 2022 pride celebration.