League of Legends Primal Ambush Skins Release Date

Riot Games

League of Legends Primal Ambush skins are coming soon as the first new skin line of 2024.

The 2024 season is about to kick off with League of Legends Patch 14.1 set to go live on Wednesday, Jan. 10. Season 2024 will introduce a host of new changes including major terrain changes to Summoner's Rift, all-new items, champion balance changes and more. As well, fans can expect new skins throughout the year as has been the norm each patch. While we know Heavenscale skins are coming as part of the Lunar Revel event, Primal Ambush skins are a brand new skin set before the event.

Riot Games showcased the four skins coming on the PBE earlier today ahead of their eventual release. Here's when players can get their hands on new Primal Ambush skins coming to League of Legends.

League of Legends Primal Ambush Skins Release Date

Primal Ambush skins should release in Patch 14.2, which is slated for Wednesday, Jan. 24. Once the patch goes live, players will be able to purchase skins for the champions listed below. These skins will be available indefinitely through the client shop.

Who is Part of the Primal Ambush Skinline?

The following League of Legends champions are part of Primal Ambush:

  • Riven
  • Talon
  • Vi
  • Sivir

How Much are League of Legends Primal Ambush Skins?

Primal Ambush skins should cost 1,350 in the shop once they are released. Players can also try their luck through the Loot tab via various means like Hextech and Masterwork Chests, though those methods aren't guaranteed to net players a preferred cosmetic.

When Are League of Legends Skins Released?

League of Legends skins that are announced before a patch release are traditionally added the following patch two weeks later. As such, Primal Ambush skins should release with Patch 14.2.