League of Legends Prime Gaming Loot to End in March 2024

One of the best benefits available for Prime Gaming subscriptions is going away in March 2024.

Riot Games / Amazon

Riot Games announced through its X account that Prime Gaming loot will cease to exist in March 2024.

One of the best Prime Gaming offerings each month is the League of Legends Capsule. Players receive a flat amount of RP, a permanent skin, shards, XP boost and more. As well, Riot Games offers other free rewards to claim for Teamfight Tactics and Valorant. Unfortunately for fans, those rewards are going away in 2024.

Read Riot Games' official statement below.

League of Legends Prime Gaming Loot to End in March 2024

"An update for players claiming Prime Gaming loot: Prime Gaming has decided not to renew our promotion, which means the last capsule drops will end in March 2024 across all of our games. We know this is disappointing, and wanted to let you know as soon as we could," Riot Games said on social media.

"You can continue to claim drops for the next few months, and any Prime Gaming content unlocked prior to March 2024 will remain in your account."

So, not only is the League of Legends Prime Gaming Capsule disappearing, but also any rewards for Valorant or Teamfight Tactics. A major blow to fans who take advantage of the subscription's offerings. The repsonse from fans was upsetting considering how popular those rewards were each month.

What Happens to My Riot Games Prime Gaming Loot?

Any loot you've acquired through Prime Gaming in any Riot Games title won't go anywhere. Anything successfully claimed and granted to your account will remain there even after the partnership ends in March 2024. In fact, any Prime Gaming specific loot will probably become more of a collector's item moving forward.

Will There be Riot Games Prime Gaming Loot in March 2024?

Based on the League of Legends landing page on Prime Gaming, it seems the last capsule will be released in February. The December capsule was released today, Dec. 14, and the next two capsules are slated for January and Februray. There might be other specific Riot Games loot that drops for Valorant or Teamfight Tactics, but as far as capsules go there won't be an extra one in March.