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League of Legends Prime Gaming Rewards January 2022

Photo courtesy Riot Games

League of Legends Prime Gaming Reward for January 2022 is a Prime Gaming capsule that contains a variety of goodies for the new year. As the season of giving and jolly tidings comes to a close, Riot Games is partnering with Prime Gaming to give its players a variety of new items from their extensive library, which includes League of Legends.

League of Legends Prime Gaming Rewards January 2022

Trying to raise the bar on quality as well as quantity, giving the best for their players, Riot and Prime Gaming have devised a more enriching in-game item for League of Legends. With the Prime Gaming capsule release, it will contain  650 RP, a random permanent skin valued at 1,350 RP, 200 Orange Essence, five champion shards, two series one Eternals shards, and a 30-day XP boost.

These items will only be available for the month of January 2022. As the Prime Gaming League of Legends rewards store states that the next upcoming months are Prime Gaming capsules as well, but the contents of those capsules remain a loose mystery, but if the items remain the same as this latest capsule, then this will be a big advantage for League of Legends to claim these rewards.