League of Legends Profile Lookup

League of Legends profile lookup is possible in third-party websites. Whether you are looking up your opponents, your teammates, your friends, or yourself, there have been third-party ways to do so for a while now.

There are also multiple different types of sites or programs that do profile lookups. Some types do quick checks and can allow you to see in-game. Other sites focus on match history and rank.

League of Legends Profile Lookup

Op.gg has been around for a very long time and gives you a great in-depth look at the player you are searching. It gives your rank, match history, win rate on champions and so much more if you spend some time looking around. Tools like this can give you great insight on what is going right or wrong in a player's gameplay.

Mobalytics is another great tool that focuses on playstyle and can be a great resource when trying to understand other players or yourself as well. They use a tool called the GPI, or Gamer Performance Index, to map out a player's habits.

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