League of Legends Ranked LP Gains Changed in Patch 13.4

Riot Games

League of Legends Patch 13.4 came out Feb. 23 and brought numerous changes in gameplay, while simultaneously giving updates for Clash and the ranked system.

Riot Games has acknowledged that the ranked system has been lackluster in previous years. This is due to the low amount of League Points (LP) that players gain/lose upon winning or losing games. Even when players perform well on certain days, they might not even be able to see themselves climb past the rank they started the day with.

This low LP problem increases as the season progresses, and players are likely starting to experience their LP gain decreasing per win. In order to fix this, Riot has made some changes to the ranked system in the most recent patch.

League of Legends Ranked LP Gains Changed in Patch 13.4

The League of Legends ranked changes will help players feel more rewarded/punished after playing a game, as the LP gains/losses have increased. Here are the exact changes Riot has implemented for the ranked mode:

  • LP gain/loss has increased from 15 to 22 when your visible rank relatively matches your Matchmaking Rating (MMR.)
  • Players that duo queue in Ranked solo/duo will be put into higher skill level games due to the inherent advantage they have over solo queue players.
  • Ranked Split point progression for rewards will now be shown at the end of every game, which will help players understand how close they are to getting rewards.

League of Legends Patch 13.4 is now live.