Overwatch has recently announced that they are adding a new way to queue up for games. This new mode will be similar to the one League of Legends has recently added where you will queue up for a game depending on which role your are intending to play.

With this addition, if you are going to play with this queue, there will be a 2-2-2 lock on roles. This means that no matter who is in the game there will be two players on each role.

League of Legends Role Queue: Compare and Contrast to Overwatch Role Queue

One similarity between the two games is that your rank will be depending on what role you are playing. So if you play a game as a DPS character in Overwatch, only your damage skill rating will be affected by the game.

A difference is that Overwatch will be tracking the best 500 players across each role as well as to the top 500 average combined players.

Cover Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment