League of Legends Season 12 Ahri Build: What Items to Use

Image courtesy of Riot Games

Gamers are looking for the best items to use in League of Legends Season 12 for Ahri's build.

Ahri is a Nine-Tailed Fox champion that was released in 2011. After her rework this season, her popularity continues to soar as she became a high-mobility mage.

This guide should help anyone looking to dominate the mid lane with Ahri as their champion.

League of Legends Season 12 Ahri Build: What Items to Use

Starter Item: Corrupting Potion is the best option as it reduces corrupting damage by 50% when triggered by periodic damage. It will restore health and mana over time while boosting combat power.

Boots: Sorcerer's Shoes are the best boots as it enhances move speed by 45 and magic penetration by 18.

Core Items: After the rework in Season 12, the best core items for Ahri has shifted. You will want to go with Liandry's Anguish and Cosmic Drive. The reason for this is that there is new synergy between the items. Ahri's passive and ultimate now rely on getting a takedown within three seconds of damaging an enemy champion. The Liandry burn will give you four more seconds of burn damage onto your target which will enable you more time to activate your passive and ultimate reset. As the burn causes you to combat for longer, Cosmic Drive will stay active. These two items are a deadly combination that will keep you relevant in team fights, especially in late games.

Situational: After purchasing those two items, any other item is viable. Luden's Tempest would be a great purchase when playing against a team of squishy champions as it has a flat magic penetration and adds more burst speed. On the other hand, Everfrost will guarantee that you land your charms more frequently as it allows you to be extremely aggressive with its increased ability power and haste, health, and mana. Additionally, Crown of the Shattered Queen is fantastic at deflecting assassin champions.

With this build, it's safe to say that Ahri should have no trouble fighting enemy champions.