League of Legends Season 12 Jhin Build: What Items to Use

Image courtesy of Riot Games

Gamers are looking for the best items to use in League of Legends Season 12 for Jhin's build.

Jhin is a criminal psychopath who believes that murder is art and spreads terror. He has a marksman play style that is typically played in the bot lane with a win rate of 51.51%.

As an AD carry champion that is moderately difficult to play, this guide should help players looking to sweep the floor with Jhin.

League of Legends Season 12 Jhin Build: What Items to Use

Starter Item: You should start out by buying Boots instead of the traditional Doran's Blade as it grants you more Move Speed. This particular item will enable you to effectively evade attacks while letting you slip in and out.

Boots: Boots of Swiftness will be the best pair to grab as it will enhance Move Speed by 60 while the strength of movement slowing effects is reduced by 25%.

Core Items: Galeforce, without question, should be your Mythic Item. This will massively increase your damage and give you lots of mobility. Its passive also grants all other Legendary Items 2% Move Speed which will come in handy later. Next, The Collector is a great item as it allows you to easily deal damage to your opponent with some attack damage, critical strike chance, and lethality. Follow that up with Rapid Firecannon for some extra attack and movement speed for Jhin. Infinity Edge should be next as it is the most efficient item an ADC can get in order to increase critical strikes.

Situational: From there, the rest of your build depends on how the game has been played out and who your late game threats are. When in doubt, Guardian Angel is the best item to go to as it is the best item for overall survivability. On the other hand, Lord Dominik's Regard might be the better option when facing tanky enemy champions.