League of Legends Season 12 Ranked Split 2 Start Date

Image courtesy of Riot Games.

Fans are trying to figure out when the League of Legends Season 12 Ranked Split 2 start date is.

During the season, Riot Games allows players to unlock unique rewards across splits. This is a great way to motivate gamers to play during multiple times in the season.

So, when does Season 12 Ranked Split 2 start? Here's everything players need to know.

League of Legends Season 12 Ranked Split 2 Start Date

Since Season 12 Ranked Split 1 is expected to end on April 22, player can expect Split 2 to begin immediately because Riot Games typically has no breaks between splits. Even if players have not played ranked games this season, they still have time to participate to earn fun rewards for Split 1. The rewards were listed in Patch 12.1 and they are as follows:

  • Vex Summoner Icon
  • Vex Emotes
  • Vex Champion Permanent
  • Series 1 Eternals Capsule

Essentially, ranked games are an enjoyable way for gamers to dish out damage solo or tag-team combos with a friend as they face enemy champions in games. It's unique in the way that it highly tests individual skill. Just keep in mind that fans must have a player level of 30 or above and at least 20 owned champions to participate.