League of Legends Season 12 Renekton Build: What Items to Use

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Players are looking for the best item to use in League of Legends Season 12 for Renekton's build.

Renekton is a terrifying Ascended being from the deserts of Shurima who was entombed beneath the sands. He later gets free once more but is consumed by his own madness.

He is a relatively easy to play champion with a win rate of 47.66%. This guide should help gamers looking to fight their opponents with Renekton in the top lane.

League of Legends Season 12 Renekton Build: What Items to Use

Starter Item: You should always start his build with Doran's Blade as it's a good starting item for attackers.

Boots: Plated Steelcaps are the best boots as it enhances movement speed and reduces incoming basic attack damage by 12%.

Core Items: Goredrinker, without a doubt, is the best Mythic Item to buy for Renekton. With its ability to give you 55 attack damage, 300 additional health, 20 ability haste, and 10% Omnivamp, it will help you turn around very close fights. Next, you should save up to get Death's Dance as it is a great option for when you are facing heavy attack damage champions. It also has Ignore Pain which makes 30% of damage dealt to you over three seconds. This will be useful once again in close scenarios. Afterward, try to go for Sterak's Gage. It's a strong item due to the fact that it gives you decent base stats while it shields against large bursts of damage.

Situational: The items afterwards will truly depend on the play of the game. Guardian Angel would be the best item for tough games because it periodically revives champion upon death along with other buffs. On the other hand, Thornmail or Spirit Visage are also viable options as it enables more armor or health.