League of Legends Season 13: How to Prepare

Udyr Splash Art
Udyr Splash Art / Courtesy of Riot Games

Before League of Legends Season 13 starts Jan. 10, it is important to know the best champions to play and items to buy. The meta has changed drastically since Season 12 with new jungle changes, items and much more.

League of Legends Season 13: How to Prepare

Popular Champions

Udyr is one of the best champions heading into League of Legends Season 13. Although his damage was slightly nerfed, Udyr still has one of the highest win rates in the jungle and can still shred through his enemies with ease.

Another champion that has been popular and successful recently is Dr. Mundo. He is strong because of how difficult it is to kill him, in conjunction with the amount of damage he is able to do.

Kassadin is a champion that has resurfaced in the mid lane and found a lot of success. It takes a while for him to become relevant in the game, but he is one of the strongest champions after reaching a few items.

Best Items to Buy

One of the best items to buy is Heartsteel, one of the best tank items League of Legends has ever seen. It provides a large amount of health and has a stacking passive that empowers the next basic attack.

Another strong tank item is Jak'Sho, The Protean. This item provides health, magic resist, and armor to help survivability against nearly every champion in the game. It also has a passive that stacks armor and magic resist, which eventually converts into damage.

One of the best mage items is Rod of Ages, which was recently added back into the game. This item gives additional health, ability power, and mana. The strongest part of this item is the extra level it gives after becoming fully stacked.

Champions to Ban or Pick

One of the most annoying champions to play against is Yuumi. She can attach to one of her teammates and become untargetable for the enemy team. She can use all of her abilities while attached, which includes crowd control and a substantial heal.

Mordekaiser is another champion that deserves to be banned or pick, due to his game changing ultimate. He is able to select an enemy champion and take them to a different realm for seven seconds, where they fight 1-v-1.

Even though Hecarim was slightly nerfed recently, he is still a champion that deserves to be banned or picked. The damage nerf was not enough to make him unplayable, and he has two crowd control abilities that make it difficult to team fight.