League of Legends Snow Moon Skins Release Date

League of Legends Snow Moon Caitlyn Splash Art
League of Legends Snow Moon Caitlyn Splash Art / Riot Games

League of Legends' Snow Moon skin line is coming to the game soon.

Hot off the announcement of the new Ocean Song skin line, Riot is taking a chilly turn and has revealed the new Snow Moon set of skins coming to League of Legends. These skins are serving as a counter to the Blood Moon skin set, giving a few select champions a fresh, icy look.

When Does the League of Legends Snow Moon Skins Release?

Riot has announced the champions who will be getting a Snow Moon skin include Illaoi, Caitlyn, and Kayn. The League of Legends official Instagram revealed the splash art for Snow Moon Caitlyn and Kayn. A preview of Illaoi's animations is also available on the League of Legends official twitter account.

So far, Riot hasn't indicated that any of these skins will be Legendary skins. Thus, the initial price of each of these skins is likely going to be around 1350 RP. However, full details on these skins and their prices has not been released, so this hasn't been officially confirmed. It's also possible we may get more Champions added to this skin line in the future.

The Snow Moon skins are set to be released alongside League of Legends Patch 12.12 on June 23, 2022, so players will be able to get their hands on these skins in just a few weeks. This patch will also feature the new Champion Bel'Veth, along with a variety of new content and updates, so players have plenty to be excited about.