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League of Legends Vex Release Date

Photo Courtesy of Riot Games

League of Legends Vex release date is on the minds of everyone right now. Vex has captured the hearts of many players already with her unique personality being a breath of fresh air from other recently released champions. People are eager to play her, so when is Vex's release date?

Riot Games has confirmed that Vex will release with Patch 11.19. Patch 11.19 is scheduled to drop on Wednesday, Sept. 22. She follows Akshan as being the newest champion, with Viego and Gwen also released this year. Hopefully nothing comes up that delays the new champion!

League of Legends Vex Release Date

Vex is a new Yordle with the next most recent being Kled. Kled was released five years ago now. Her title is "the Gloomist" with her personality being centered around being moody yet dangerous!

Vex will cost 7,800 blue essence per usual on release. After one week, she will go down to 6,300 blue essence. Start saving up for her release on Patch 11.19!