League of Legends Victorious 2022 Skin: Who is it?

Victorious Sejuani Splash Art
Victorious Sejuani Splash Art / Courtesy of Riot Games

Sejuani is the lucky champion who will be receiving a victorious skin when Riot Games ends League of Legends Season 12.

At the end of every season, Riot Games chooses a singular champion to receive a new skin commemorating the past ranked season. For Season 11, Blitzcrank was the lucky champion to receive the commemorative skin and before Blitzcrank, it was Lucian.

For players to receive this skin and the chromas that come along with it, they must have reached at least gold in ranked play. Players who ranked above gold will receive special chromas depending on what rank that was reached.

For fans looking for information about the upcoming victorious skin, this article is for you.

League of Legends Victorious 2022 Skin: Who is it?

This years victorious skin will go to Sejuani, making this the first time that a jungler has been given a victorious skin sice Graves in 2017. Before Sejuani, Blitzcrank was the champion who received the victorious skin and before Blitzcrank it was Lucian.

Players are required to reach gold in their ranked matches to receive this skin and for every rank above gold, players will receive a special chroma.

Players have until Nov. 14 to rank up to gold before the season ends. This is currently the only way to obtain this skin.