League of Legends Vision Score: How Does Vision Score Work?

League of Legends Vision score is calculated by adding wards and subtracting wards.
League of Legends Vision score is calculated by adding wards and subtracting wards. /

League of Legends vision score is a statistic Riot Games created to give players credit for vision work and ward placement throughout a game.

Wards are a necessary asset in League of Legends, giving players vision advantages against opponents. They have been tuned during the game's lifespan, going from a purchasable item only to everyone having one as a trinket. It's an ever-evolving facet of the MOBA that Riot Games has tried to change for the better.

Here's everything you need to know about Vision Score in League of Legends.

League of Legends Vision Score: How Does it Work?

Riot GMang, a senior game analyst, released a blog post in the Dev Corner explaining Vision Score two years ago.

"Vision Score is a new tool to help players in this effort. It's more complex and comprehensive than Wards Placed, incorporating temporary reveal effects and vision denied while also establishing some anti-cheese rules. The hope is that this score is a more meaningful, trustworthy number for players to analyze and compare performance," GMang said.

Here's how the scoring system works, per the blog post:

  • Ward Lifetime Provided: Each minute of ward life time you provide by placing wards will give you 1 point
  • Ward Lifetime Denied: When you get a ward takedown, you get 1 point for every minute of lifetime remaining on the ward
  • Vision Mechanics: Various vision-providing mechanics have a baseline score on-use (usually 0.1 to 0.5), and can also give bonus scores if revealing unseen champions or epic monsters (usually 0.1 to 1.0)

There are then modifiers which affects Ward Lifetime Provided:

  • Staleness: A ward that hasn't seen any interesting units in a while will gradually go down in point value
  • Redundancy: While a ward is near other friendly sources of vision, its point value will be reduced
  • Safety: A ward that's very close to your base can give less score
  • Pointlessness: A ward that's very close to a friendly structure or inside your own base
  • Baseline: If a ward is quickly killed by enemies, it will sill give a lifetime score as if it survived a minimum of 20 seconds.

For even more detailed information on how Vision Score works, check out GMang's blog post.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games