League of Legends Wild Rift: 5 Things Fans Want

With Wild Rift coming soon, what do players want from Riot Games' latest offering?
With Wild Rift coming soon, what do players want from Riot Games' latest offering? / Riot Games

League of Legends Wild Rift was announced at Riot Games' 10 year celebration event.

Although details regarding the release of Riot Games' newest offering, League of Legends Wild Rift, are still largely unknown, players are excited to see what the new game has to offer.

Bringing a successful PC game to mobile is a challenging task, but here are the five things fans want in League of Legends Wild Rift.

1. Champion Continuity with League of Legends

The champion pool is a relatively divisive issue among fans of the original League of Legends game. Although some players would prefer to see an entirely new pool of champions entire the Wild Rift, the general consensus is that the some of the same champions should appear in both games with champions carried over as feasible.

This doesn't necessarily mean that the abilities should remain the same. Based on early gameplay footage and information, abilities like Ashe's ultimate will be different on Wild Rift. But the lore and characters should be recognizable to fans of the game.

2. Beautiful Graphic Design

With the latest developments in processors and graphics capacity in mobile devices over the past 10 years, players expect Wild Rift to deliver not only great gameplay, but also an incredible visual experience.

According to Riot Games, the character models have been entirely redone for Wild Rift, along with the map and other visual elements. According to early minimum mobile specs released by Riot Games, they are hoping to have the game run on a Samsung Galaxy A7 or better on Android and the iPhone 5s and later on iOS.

3. Quick and Fun Gameplay

The most important part of a game is the gameplay. Players want to enjoy the game and want to be able to play multiple games without feeling frustrated or stuck. No one is looking to sit down and play one 40 minute game of Wild Rift, as players would find in League of Legends.

Players want shorter game times, around 20 minutes, with fun and engaging gameplay that rewards players for playing well and outplaying their opponents. If Wild Rift doesn't live up to that basic expectation, all the best graphics in the world won't help the game succeed.

4. Cross-Platform Play

One of the core parts of a team game, and especially a MOBA, is being able to play with friends. But not every friend in a particular group may be able to use the same type of platform, with some playing on mobile and others on console.

Riot Games has already stated that they are looking into cross-platform play, but the addition of that feature to Wild Rift would give players even more to be excited about.

5. Rewarding the Ranked Climb

Climbing in League of Legends was a difficult task, but its difficulty made it a rewarding experience for players who saw marked improvements in their abilities season after season. For players, having a rewarding ranked system that doesn't feel like luck-based is a must have for the mode to be successful.

Considering Riot Games plans to turn Wild Rift into an esports title with its own competitive leagues similar to the LCS and LEC, a solid ranked system is a must for both players and the company.