League of Legends Wild Rift Ranking System: How Does it Work?

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How does the ranked system work in League of Legends Wild Rift? Is it any similar, or completely different from League of Legends' current ranked system?

Gone is the system of League Points like in the PC version of League of Legends, instead Wild Rift employs a system of "marks" that rank you up, dubbed Ranked Marks.

League of Legends Wild Rift Ranking System: How Does it Work?

Placement Matches

Just like League on the PC, you must complete 10 Placement Games. Wins during your 10 Placement Games will grant you two Ranked Marks instead of one. Additionally, there is no penalty for losing, so you will not lose any Ranked Marks if you take any losses during your Placements.

Ranking Up

Depending on your rank, you need a certain amount of Ranked Marks to advance out of your current division. For example, if you are Iron II: you need two wins to gain two Ranked Marks to advance into the next division, Iron I. To then make the jump from Iron I to Bronze IV, you must win two games out of five, not too bad!

As you progress into higher ranks, the amount of Ranked Marks you must earn to go from division to division increases, as well as the amount of games you must win in a Ranked Promotion Series. Eventually, from Diamond rank and beyond, the Ranked Marks system is done with in favor for a more traditional points system, similar to the LP system in League of Legends.

  • Iron: 2 Marks to rank up
  • Bronze + Silver: 3 Marks to rank up
  • Gold + Platinum: 4 Marks to rank up
  • Emerald: 5 Marks to rank up
  • Diamond: 100 points to rank up

Master, Grand Master, and Challenger all just use a flat number just as they do in League of Legends.

Loss Prevention System

There's another new system in Wild Rift Ranked called Fortitude. Fortitude is gained whenever a player does well in a game (high kill participation, good cs/min, warding, not afking, etc) and can be racked up to prevent a loss. Fortitude applies for anyone Emerald rank or below.

Normally, a loss means you lose a Ranked Mark, losing progression in the pursuit of a higher rank. Depending on your rank, the amount of Fortitude you have will be cashed out as a loss prevention. From Iron to Silver, the Fortitude cap increases every 100 from 200, until Gold when the Fortitude cap reaches 600. From Gold onwards, the Fortitude cap increases every 200 until Emerald, the last rank where Fortitude exists.

If you are Gold II, and have a maximum Fortitude of 600, the next two losses don't count towards losing your Ranked Marks. Let's say you lose your next two games, you will have lost no Ranked Marks, but your Fortitude will be at 0.

Fortitude is an excellent system to encourage progression, and a way to make losses feel a little less bad, rewarded by playing well in previous games.